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From day one, we are encouraged to read with our children.

But what about writing with our children?

Educator Ralph Fletcher writes, “Childhood is the time to develop a love of writing, to learn the habits of a writer, and to start becoming aware of what makes writing work.” In fact, practice in writing creates stronger readers and practice in reading creates stronger writers.

But what does writing with your child even look like? Here are a few ways to begin:

Take turns

Either take turns writing one line at a time or take turns dictating ideas. Can you write a silly story in 3 minutes?


Don’t worry about the pen and just compose aloud. This might be an ongoing bedtime ritual or a story you continue each morning on the way to school. Maybe it’s a series of stories about the adventures of a dragon or a girl with a big imagination.

Pass notes

Remember passing notes in school? Send your child a note and slip it under their bedroom door with the instruction to “please write back.” How long can you keep the conversation going?


We want our children to think about writing with the same cheerful emotion they associate with story-time. Playful rituals like this will evolve into a love of writing and greater confidence in their own abilities.

Best wishes for many shared writing experiences!


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