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Helping Your Reluctant Writer

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Many times, kids in the same family give writing mixed reviews. You may have one child that is crazy about writing and think to yourself: “Great! I’ve got this figured out.” And then there is another child that doesn’t want to have anything to do with it and you’re like: “Umm this isn’t how it’s supposed to go!”  

This blog is if you’re in a “this-isn’t-how-it’s-supposed-to-go” era with one (or more!) of your kids. 

When your child doesn’t want to write, TRY THIS:

First, and this is probably the most important, you have to write MORE with them and not less. We know this is hard when they are fighting it. But stick with us here . . . 
Make an agreement with yourself that writing is on the schedule every day but only for 3-5 minutes. (At least for now. Once things turn around, you’ll both want more time, but you’re better off to start small!)
In those 3-5 minutes, you be the scribe. Ask your child what they would like to write about today. If they say nothing, you get to choose! Choose something they are crazy about–soccer, puppies, cinnamon rolls, snakes–anything! Then you say aloud everything you write on the paper. Keep it super simple. Try something like:
“Cinnamon rolls are best right out of the oven.”
Then it’s your child’s turn to say a something for you to write. It might help to start it off for them: “We like to eat them with . . . ”
Continue this back and forth with you as the scribe, even if they barely participate. 
After three minutes, read it aloud, put the date on the page, and give your child a high five. 
Keep after this routine tomorrow, the next day and the next. How long can you go without breaking your streak?

Things your child will start to do (if you give them time):

Watch for these things to happen. Know when you see one or two, you can take it as progress. But because you are going to be doing this every day, there’s no hurry. You can be as patient as a potted plant just watching and waiting, quietly cheering them on. 

No panic. No rush. Just consistency.

This WORKS.  

We are on your team!

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