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In collaboration with KUTV’s Fresh Living news show, this Breaking News Writer’s Box is guest instructed by real TV producers who write the news! This box gives your writer the opportunity to write the family and neighborhood news asking the six news questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Writers can wear their reporter’s press pass and create interview questions. They can take notes in their reporter’s notebook and write news articles using the New Article Planning page for help. There are four large news pages ready for family newspaper pubishing and an echo-microphone for reading these stories “TV news” style. In addition, this box includes a whiteboard for brainstorming news ideas and special QR codes for a KUTV Fresh Living studio tour and interview examples from Fresh Living news hosts. It’s a fresh look at writing and ways it comes to play in the real world! 

Live monthly writing instruction and full support from expert teachers.

A playful focus activity that inspires your writer to try something new.

A publishing club that gives tools for sharing writing
in unique ways.

One of a kind sticker writing prompts to jump start
new stories.

A surprise toy to encourage your child to burst through writer’s block.

An exciting new theme each time. No box is the same!


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Limited Edition Past Boxes

Dream Weaver Box

Give your writer a chance to discover stories in their sleep with the Dream Weaver Box! It includes a dream journal,  sleepy star pen, dream catcher, pop it toy, dream dice writing game, and writing treasure box.


Once Upon a Time Box

Once upon time there was an amazing writer who discovered so many stories to tell because someone special bought them a Writer’s Box!” This box invites your writer to re-tell fairy tales their own way. This box includes blank books for publishing, magical feather pen, Dover Fairy Tale Sticker Book, royal finger puppets, and colored pencils.


Eat Your Words Box

Is your writer hungry for fresh inspiration? This box take the cake! Children are invited to write a food review of a favorite restaurant. Design their own menu. Compose food memories on the backs of favorite recipes. The possibilities are endless! This box is the perfect recipe to keep writers busy building skill and confidence! Includes: fabric kid sized apron, fabric markers, food erasers, “professional” notepad for food order play, recipe cards and metal ring, pizza pen, food words guide sheet, sticker prompts, and writer’s guide. 


Writing Is My Superpower Box

Help your writer discover their writing superpower with this environmentally conscious box that encourages writers to save the planet. The writing focus is creating save the Earth slogans and a superhero story. Includes ABC poster stickers, poster paper, notebook, Earth pen, mask, ruler, metal straw, sticker prompts and editing tips.


Homeschool Orders

The Writer’s Box is the perfect creative writing kit to inspire your writer and enhance your homeschool curriculum.

Are you in a homeschool charter group? Help us become a vendor for your school! 

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What parents are saying:

Group 57@2x

Stella is love love loving her boxes! Thank you all so much for providing this magical experience for young writers. We love you!

Meredith Morris

Mother of 1

For Henry, the Saturday Zoom instruction is what makes the Writer’s Box special. Interacting with others and receiving positive feedback is what makes this box subscription different from others. It is increasing his self confidence and helping him to build his skills!

Kris Tina Carlston

Mother of 2

Group 58@2x

Writing Prompts
Kids Love

Inspire your child to write with 21 Days of Writing Magic our FREE 30 page E-Book designed just for young writers!

Mask Group 3@2x
Group 59@2x

The Writer’s Box has been and will always be a highlight in Noelle’s life. She absolutely LOVES to write. It’s not as easy to find writing ‘lessons’ as it is for ballet or ice skating. This is just as important to her!
I’m so happy we found you!

Natalie Thackerey

Mother of 2

Before the Writer’s Box, writing was a struggle, but this experience has motivated my daugher to see she is a writer. She now writes pages of stories at a time. I’m thankful for the Writer’s Box for helping her discover the joy of writing!

Shevonne Owen

Mother of 4

Group 60@2x

Frequently Asked Questions

The same box is sent to everyone and Is designed to work for emerging as well as advanced writers. We have seen it work for children as young as six and as old as thirteen. There is lots of room for creativity and interpretation. 

It depends on your child’s age and skill level. The boxes are designed to be child-led. The instructions in the Writer’s Guide are written to the child, not the parent. But, especially with the first box, parent support can make a big difference. We will send you lots of support and insider tips!

Login to your account at the top of this page. There is an option to pause and set your restart date. If you are a single box subscriber or have received your sixth box from the commitment pack, click on “manage my account” at the bottom of your account page. 

We have a limited number of past boxes available on our shop page. 

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