Summer Camp '22

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What Camp Looks Like


At the beginning of the day, campers work with Carrie and Emily alongside other kids their own age in their homeroom. Here, they share what they’re working on and learn how to use new writing techniques to make their work shine even brighter.

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Writing Clubs

Ask any of our young authors, and they’ll tell you: club time is one of the best parts of camp. Each day, we host four to five different writing clubs that allow students to explore different areas of writing, from fantasy to playwriting to two-voice poetry.​

Guest Authors

Each year, professional authors visit our camp to give our campers advice, teach them about the life of a professional writer, and (of course) sign books. Past guest authors include Brandon Mull, Jessica Day George, J. Scott Savage, Jennifer Nelson and Mark Pett.

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Camp Magazine

At the end of the session, each camper chooses their favorite piece from the week to polish and publish in the camp magazine. Every writer goes through revision, edits, and conferences with coaches to make sure their work is ready to be shared. As we say goodbye at the end of the week, we raise plastic cups of Sprite in our traditional author’s toast, and celebrate the chance to share our writing with a real audience.

Writing Coaches

Every year, we select a small group of high school and college-aged interns to help bring Write On to life. Our interns each act as a writing coach for a small group of students throughout the week. Students flock to them for writing advice, to share stories, or even just for a high five.

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Teen Edition

Our teen session is a week-long intensive for students going into grades eight and nine that want to take their writing to the next level.


Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Teen Edition is a week-long, online immersive writing workshop for teens who want to move their writing out of the notebook and into real publication.

Modeled after professional writing workshops, this course gives teens the opportunity to follow their rough drafts through the workshop process, decipher feedback, put it to use, and revise and polish their writing towards the goal of publication.

Interested in interning next summer?

Our interns are always the stars of Write On. Students flock to them for writing advice, to share stories, or even just for a high five. It’s a unique and valuable experience for both the intern and the young writer. 

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