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The prep work is done!

Give your children the writer's edge in your homeschool with flexible, themed creative writing units (we call them "boxes") that you print from home.

Designed by teachers to use with children ages 7 to 12.

Each printable Writer’s Box includes:

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As a homeschool parent, you know writing is important, but you also  know workbook drills and other tag-along writing prompts aren’t cutting it. Your kids should be more excited about writing than this, right? You’re not sure what the answer is . . . or even how to fit it into your day.

Welcome to the Writer’s Box. Yes, it works like a curriculum, but you’ll find it to be more like a writer’s playground that helps your children discover their own writing voice and interests. With the done-for-you prompts, project invitations, book lists, and lesson plans, you’ll discover how easy it is to teach writing in just a few minutes a day. 


Offering ten different writing themes, the Writer’s Box can be your anchor program all school year or serve as anticipated writing activities (some parents call them rewards!) during homeschool downtimes.


This is flexible and doable. Most homeschool families tell us the Writer’s Box is the missing link they’ve been searching for. 

We’re so happy you’re here with us. Choose a box and let’s get writing!  


This high-interest activity invites your child to enter the writing world from a different angle in every box.


A themed activity unique to each box, designed to help children burst through writer’s block.


A series of one-of-a-kind writing prompts ready to print and stick right in your child’s notebook.


A playful project challenges writers to share their finished work with an audience in a brand new way.


This mini-workshop focuses on one grammatical or editing tip per box to permanently strengthen writing.


A booklist catered to the theme of your individual box, ready to help your child read like a writer.



Now available as a download!

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Writer's Notebook Starter Set


Writer's Box A-La-Cart

$15 each

Writer's Box Full Set
All 10 Boxes Plus Bonus Materials

$100 total

How it works


Group 32


Download your box. There is a “to print” list to make it easy to know which pages to print for your family. You can print for one child or for many!


Group 31


Gather everything on your box’s unique supply list.  (Don’t worry–we keep it  simple!) Chart out a flexible plan for your family using the weekly lesson plans. 


Group 30


With the lesson plans as your guide, jump in! Keep writing sessions short and consistent. Always stop before your children want to stop keeping them eager for more.  A little will go a long way! 


Ready to turn your child into a writer?


“My child is super creative – they just
can’t get their ideas down on paper.”

“I know writing is vital to his success, 
but his teacher barely focuses on it.”

“My daughter is always rushing her
writing.  How do I teach her to take
the time to edit?”

“I think my kids could be great at
writing, I just don’t know how to
encourage them.”

What parents are saying:


My kids were complaining that that writing was boring and they didn’t want to do it. When I saw these boxes, it was exactly the change we needed to make writing fun again! 

It works well for all six of my kids!



From my work with college students, I know how vital writing is. It is so comforting to offer my children a chance to build their writing skills outside of the school setting. 

They are becoming writers.



My son finally finished a story. I don’t think its ever happened. Thanks for all your help with getting this kiddo to write! I’m so happy we found you!


Magical experience

Stella is love love loving her boxes! Thank you all so much for providing
 this magical experience for young writers. We love you!


Highlight of her life

The Writer’s Box has been and will always be a highlight in Noelle’s life. She absolutely LOVES to write. It’s not as easy to find writing ‘lessons’ as it is for ballet or ice skating. This is just as important to her! I’m so happy we found you!


She now writes pages of stories

Before the Writer’s Box, writing was a struggle, but this experience has motivated my daugher to see she is a writer. She now writes pages of stories at a time. I’m thankful for the Writer’s Box for helping her discover the joy of writing!


This has given us weeks of material!

We absolutely love this! It’s been several weeks, and we are still finding ways to use the first pack! My kids have written several stories and are really enjoying themselves. Thank you again. I hope you continue to offer the PDF version. It is such a great idea!


Frequently Asked Questions

Each box download works for emerging as well as advanced writers. We have seen it work for children as young as six and as old as thirteen. There is lots of room for creativity and interpretation. 

The boxes come with flexible lesson plans to guide your homeschool rhythms, but you also want to let your children’s interest play a part in this writing journey. The Writer’s Guide included with each box is written to the young writer with that thought in mind. There is no “wrong way” to do a box. The goal is to help kids become driven, independent writers. If they are writing more than they were before, you are winning. Consistency will help you make more progress than anything else.  

Yes! We still offer a limited number of physical boxes for sale in our shop. We will be releasing two new physical boxes this 2023-2024 school year. These boxes will have a limited inventory and will also be available for in the printable version.

We are a provider for the Class Wallet program associated with the Utah Fits All scholarship. If you have a Class Wallet in another state, please contact us. We would be happy to register with your state scholarship funds too!  

Yes. We work with state homeschool groups that pay via invoice and purchase orders. If we are not a vendor for your area, please contact us and make a request! 

Need help finding the right box? Contact us!

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