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Today we have 1. a thought, 2. a poem, and 3. a phrase you can use this week!  
I have this thought (see above!) in my classroom (Carrie) near my computer desk. I’m not sure where I first heard it, but I’ll keep it there forever because it reminds me of this truth every time I look at it. More than any fancy programs, kids just need to keep at it. The best thing we can do on any day of the week, is cheer them on and give them invitations to write on. (See that? Write On! You do know that if you’re looking for invitations, we have a curriculum of Writer’s Boxes you can print immediately, right?)  


2. A POEM:
Have you ever read poem written by Valerie Worth? Emily reads her poems with first graders and I read her poems with eighth graders. They are ageless and timeless. 
Notice how this poem pulls us into a lazy moment with a dog: 
Image item
Things you could talk about with this poem: Let’s find our favorite lines! Does this poem remind us of any dogs we know? This poem doesn’t rhyme, yet it’s still a poem. How can we tell? (Also, don’t forget this month is National Poetry Month.)


 Writing is hard work. When we have students struggling with a new idea or an ending or where to go next–we like to say this:
Here’s what I know about you . . . 
You know how to figure out how hard things.
You are good at solving problems. 
You find the answer when you give it a minute.

Try this line next time your child is stuck and let us know how it goes!

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