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Does ChatGPT scare you as much as it scares us? 
We don’t want to be scared of a computer. It’s there to make our lives easier after all. But that’s just thing. Our initial ChatGPT questions have been answered SO THOROUGHLY we feel afraid it might make life TOO easy. If we have to wait even 15 seconds for ChatGPT to answer our question, it’s way too long and something is wrong with our internet. It’s the world of INSTANT everything.
It’s remarkable.  And it’s scary.
When we were growing up, researching something meant looking up books in the card catalog at the library. (Remember that?) If the books we needed were checked out, we might be able to find a similar source on micro-fiche (right?) or we had to wait a couple of weeks until they were returned.
Once we had the book, we had to search the table of contents, the chapter headings, and the index to find the answers we needed. Next, we had to put these answers into our own words, carefully quoting the parts that were not our own so we didn’t plagiarize, and then record this source, MLA format, on a notecard so we could record it on our Works Cited page.
(And before we left the library, we might use a quarter to call our moms from a pay phone and then listen to Tears for Fears on a Walkman on the way home:)
Today, this SAME research journey can be accomplished in a few seconds on ChatGPT and then, in two more seconds, all the information can be turned into a nice, tidy essay. 
It’s actually so incredible. We don’t deny it. 
But when it comes to our children’s development, it’s scary. You see, writing was already in jeopardy.  But now, our honest to goodness fear is that people will mistakenly begin to believe we don’t need to teach kids how to write, at least not the way we used to. 
Instead of pushing for more positive writing experiences that stretch our children to realize their full potential, we may be looking at a future were kids receive just enough manage in this ChatGPT world. 
You see where we’re headed don’t you  . . . ? 

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Why we need to RAISE WRITERS now more than ever! 

We know you agree with us, but here’s some thought behind it that can help you keep moving forward:
1. Eliminate writing, you eliminate thinking. We don’t know what we think until we write it down. Writing takes the thoughts floating around inside our heads and gives them a form to study and analyze. If all children know how to do is type in a request for a computer to work for them, how will we ever have the creativity we need to solve the world’s complex problems? 
2. Let the computer write for you and the computer also robs you of imagination. Where can imagination fit in a world of “instant?” It never allows a space for dreaming of something better. When children learn to write, there is a space of longing to figure it out, to say it right, to match the ideas and feelings inside their hearts. Stop the struggle of writing and you stop the power of dreams. 
3. The world needs our kids! We predict that as the world comes to rely more and more on ChatGPT, the need for men and women (the children we are teaching right now) that can actually write will become EVEN MORE IMPORTANT. There will be less that can think and create. The people who can, will be relied upon and become the dominate forces that shape the world. 
If you’ve been doubting yourself or running low on enthusiasm, take this as your cheer: Parents and teachers ASSEMBLE! 
It’s a great work we are doing together! We believe in you, and we love being on your team! 

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