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Hello friends!

Most writers can never say no to a book. But even so, we should keep a good eye on our young writer’s reading life too. This week, we’d like to share with you  7 simple tips for strengthening your home reading environment.

1. Surround your children with books.

Yard sales, thrift stores, and library book sales are invaluable sources. Leave books on the coffee table. Keep books at their bedside.  Have a basket a books in the bathroom.  Never make it hard to find something to read.  

2. Read non-fiction books too.

Pay attention to what your children are learning about in social studies or science and bring home library books on those topics, or just collect non-fiction at random and put them in the library bin. 

3. Give books as gifts.

Make it a tradition to give a book for all occasions. 

4. Recite lots of nursery rhymes.

In her book Reading Magic, Mem Fox says if a child can recite eight nursery rhymes by age four, they will be a super star reader by age eight. Being immediately! 

5. Plan vacation reads ahead of time.

Make room in your suitcase. Packing one book like The 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury is like packing 40 picture books. Ask your older children what books they’d like to take on vacation and help them find just what they need. There is no such thing as too much help here! 

6. Help your children manage their reading life.

Pay attention to what they are reading and help them find the sequel or other similar books they might enjoy. Create an environment where good books are served up to them as regularly as you serve them breakfast. Work for you, but effortless for them.

7. Don't neglect your reading life.

Another big predictor of student reading success is whether or not parents are readers themselves. It is important for our children to see us reading. If you can’t find something you’re interested in, read their books!


May your homes be filled with many beautiful books this week that bring joy to you and your young writers!  

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