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As a parents to young writers, we often hear the question: “Want to hear my story?”

What our young writers most need from us at this moment is validation.


Try listening with full attention—body and mind. For those few minutes, take in nothing but their words.


At the end of the story, of course you are thrilled. Who isn’t after their child’s story? Tell them this.


But a teacher’s secret to moving them to the next chapter or the next story is to tell them WHY you are thrilled.


It isn’t hard. Just pick one thing you liked. One thing that works.


“I could really see the treehouse.”


“‘Millie’ is a great name for your character.”


“Your ending makes me think.”


In this way, we become more than a cheerleader. We become a catalyst for writing more. When they know what parts are working, they know how to do it again.


And most times, they want to.


Thank you for supporting our summer program and being a part of this community,



Carrie and Emily

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