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Fun Writing Games to Encourage Your Kids to Write

Fun Writing Games

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Writing is boring for many children. However, with some creative ideas, it can be made fun. These ideas include fun writing games. Writing games for kids help make writing less boring and more fun for children. It makes parenting easier, especially for parents struggling with their child’s writing. These parents should play writing games with children to make writing interactive and exciting for children. The win-and-loss situation motivates them to play passionately and accurately. A child prefers writing with friends or family rather than writing alone. This is how writing becomes better with fun writing games;


Telephone Pictionary


This game promotes creativity and enhances writing skills among children. It becomes more fun as the number of players increases. It also makes the child interact with people while improving their writing skills. It is a fun learning game that pushes children to write while allowing them to be innovative. They can play the game with siblings, parents, and friends. It involves writing as well as drawing to complement each other. There are no specific components to play the game, but only a pen/pencil and paper are enough.


The game starts with a player writing a sentence on paper which is passed on to another player. The next player draws something that represents the sentence. He folds the paper so that only the image drawn is visible and passes it on to the third player. The third player again writes a sentence describing the image and folds the paper to show the sentence only. This keeps going until the paper is full. In the end, the original sentence matches the picture or sentence to see how the meaning changed. It’s fun to see people’s perspectives about a sentence while children can describe what they see.


Story Telling


Storytelling is another way to make writing fun. This game also needs paper and pencils while the children are supposed to write a story. Write one story sentence and then ask the children to write down the next step to continue the story. The paper goes to the children one by one, and they add one sentence to the story. The paper circulates a few rounds till the story ends. The outcome story is then shared to see what everyone wrote. It is a creative idea for writing which enhances writing skills. Children have room to come up with different ideas to continue the story rather than following the same pattern. In this way, their story writing becomes better. It also improves their overall communication skills, which will come in handy throughout their lives.


Fill in the Blanks


Give a passage or story to the child and leave a few blank spaces for words to be filled by the child. It gives the child the freedom to use their imagination and come up with suitable words. There is no strict requirement for the selected words. It helps a child learn how a paragraph or sentence is made. Before teaching them how to write a paragraph or story, it is important to teach them how to make sentences. When they fill in the blanks, it indicates their thought process and how they come up with usual or unusual words. It is a writing game that teaches kids how to complete sentences.


Birthday Cards


One can create writing games like making their children write birthday cards whenever a birthday in the family comes up. Children can write their thoughts about the family member. It also helps improve their writing skills since it involves writing about people. Children are normally excited about birthday parties, even if it is not their birthday. Making birthday cards will excite them, and they will not see it as a writing task. It will be more like an entertaining activity to make someone happy or surprise someone.


We usually see children make cards and letters for their favorite teachers, cousins, friends, and parents on their own. It shows their interest in surprising people they like with sweet words. Birthday cards are the same. Even birthday cards are more useful because children feel excited about birthdays. A writing game like this can help them write something nice and pleasant about their favorite people. They can also include incidents on the cards with the birthday girl/boy to make it more interesting. The child will ultimately learn how to write a birthday card and how to wish people.


Cursive Name Writing


Cursive name writing is exciting. To play, one can fold a sheet in half. Ask the kids to write their names in the large script in cursive on the top of the folded crease. Afterward, ask them to trace over the writing again and again. They can then lift the folded piece to look at the mirror image of the writing on the sheet’s other side. They can cut out the writing until it looks like a large bug. This writing game involves other activities like a sheet, mirror image, and cutting. It makes it even more interesting than other games. Moreover, children learn one more writing style to get into advanced writing.


Challenge for Vocabulary Terms


Once a child is big enough to write comfortably, they are six or above. You can work on their vocabulary. This game includes giving the child a new word and telling them what it means. Ask them to use the word to create a coherent sentence. On the contrary, you can ask the child to make a complete passage or story using that word. It helps them learn a word and keep using the word often. If time allows, you can ask the child to make relevant drawings. This particular activity allows the children to increase their functional vocabulary and teaches them how to utilize the learned vocabulary more effectively.


Comic Strip Fun


Children old enough to read and write and who like story-telling would love this writing game. It will need some comic strips for your kids, and ask them to fill in the dialogue bubbles. These bubbles are initially blank to be filled to complete the story. Children should be challenged to make the story more exciting and interesting. They can also make the book colorful and interesting using crayons. These books improve their writing skills, allowing them to use their imaginations and make connections. They know the story and are ready to come up with new ideas that reflect their thought process.




It is very difficult to make your child write when they hate writing and find it boring. However, they can make writing interesting by playing fun writing games. Writing games for kids can improve their writing and even reading skills. The games mentioned above can help parents a lot to make their children’s writing better. Playing these games means children will no longer consider writing boring. It will become part of their playtime, and they will interact with people. Parents should be part of the games to instruct children and interact with them. When children from the neighborhood or cousins come, they should spend time playing these games to become productive.

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