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This month we invite writers to put their own spin on favorite fairy tales.

Fairy tale writing has long been one of our favorite tools for teaching children to write.  Here are a few reasons why this works:


1.  Fairy tale writing gives writers a structure to follow. When your child writes a fairy tale in their own words, the characters, setting and storyline are already in place. It’s almost like doing a dot to dot allowing your child to hone in on other skills such as word choice, fluency, creating scenes, and adding details. They don’t have to create the whole thing, just build on pieces that are already there.


2. Fairy tale writing works well for writers at every level. For a beginning writer, a re-telling is a safe place to find success. It takes the pressure off a bit and frees them up to write. For an advanced writer, a re-telling becomes a fun challenge to spin something unique out of something familiar. Writers can grow from both places.

3. Fairy tale writing honors their voices.  In effect, this invitation says: here’s a story the world has been telling for centuries. We want to hear it your way. They can let it end any way they want to. They can introduce dilemmas that only this generation might understand. These stories will find new life in the voices of our young writers this fall of 2021.

We can’t wait to hear how it goes! WRITE ON!


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