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Hello friends!

We hoped online camp would work, but we didn’t expect this. From one mom: “My daughters are waking up excited each morning. This is the first time they’ve WANTED to be on Zoom.” From another: “I feel like I had some free-time for the first time in months because my kids could navigate independent of me!  Another: “Honestly I was a nervous it would be difficult for my kids to stay focused and motivated with the online format, but they were SO into it!” And another:”Thank you for making last week a highlight of this COVID time!”   See what we mean? How could we have expected that? Thank you so much for well wishes, good vibes and to those who took a gamble and gave the online program a try. We are so grateful!   Camp doesn’t have to be over!   If you missed it, NO WORRIES. We are not going anywhere! CAMP IN A BOX, our monthly box experience for young writers, is ready and waiting!  In fact, online camp taught us so much about keeping writers motivated and engaged that CAMP IN A BOX is better than ever. Starting with our July Box, CAMP IN A BOX comes with an exclusive invitation to our BOX LAUNCH Zoom program. Modeled after what just worked so well with our online camp, writers will receive monthly writing instruction, connection, and opportunity for sharing with Emily, Carrie and our other writing coaches. It’s like our own version of a soccer field or dance studio–a safe and playful space for your writer to belong to a WRITING TEAM. We would love to have your writers on our Camp in a Box team but also appreciate having you right here on THIS team. Know of our commitment to keep cheering you on through resources and messages to support Raising your Writer! Act now! Our July Box is set for a SUMMER POETRY PARTY and will provide exactly the fun and motivation young writers need right now. What’s more for those who sign up before July 10th, the BOX LAUNCH program will be permanently included (that’s forever!) with our $29.95 monthly subscription. After this date, this feature will be an additional $10 per month.

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