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How can I make the writer’s box work for my whole family?

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We love answering questions about our Writer's Box and considering ways to help families make the most of the Writer's Box experience.

This week, a mom asked us how the Writer’s Box might look for her two children. Maybe you’ve wondered the same thing.

We have lots of families who use the Writer’s Box together. In fact, our sibling box is quickly becoming our best seller. With the sibling box, you can get supplies for two siblings in one box. This cuts down materials and allows us to give it to you at 20% less what it would cost to order two boxes.

But the finances are the only thing great about the sibling box. Here is how we suggest making it work for a family:

1. When the box first arrives, don’t script a thing. Just let them open and divide up supplies. We know siblings, and we are careful about equal portions!

2. Observe that interests each of them and let them take off in whatever direction they choose. The boxes are written to the writer and not the parent. While parent support is helpful, we have found it works best when the writers have lots of autonomy about how to use the box. Take their lead and support them in the project that first tugs at their hearts.

3. After the initial excitement, we suggest helping each of them set goals for what else they would like to accomplish out of the invitations offered in the box. We predict this will look different for each of your children. For example if they were working the January Habit Box as our subscribers are right now, one might set a goal to complete a 30 day writing streak. Another might be content to complete her story she started with her sticker prompts. Or they both might be excited about the “life is like” poetry and want to publish for the family. Just because the box contents are the same does NOT mean the outcomes will be. They creations will vary as much as your children do!

4. As the month progresses and you have questions or notice particular struggles your children are having, please reach out to us. We consider this a complete team effort and want to be there for you every step of the way.

Our goal is for children to have mountains of positive writing experiences. They will learn best when they are writing with joy and authentic interest. We design our boxes in hopes of creating this for each writer. At the end of the day, the ultimate question is: do they want to write more? If they do, we have succeeded. The goal is to continue building just momentum!

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