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Creative Writing Tools & Kits – How They Help Your Kid In Creative Writing


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Creative writing, conventionally referred to as literature, helps you use creativity and imagination to express thoughts and ideas personally. Even though it is considered to be a hobby, it is more about incorporating flair into the writing. This helps the writer go beyond the old-style limits of technical writing forms.


Children own an exploring personality, which is the perfect ingredient to let them sway in the grounds of creative writing. As a parent, it is important for you to make your kid interested in creative writing, to make them express their feelings more openly and creatively. This cannot be forced but can be taught with the right freedom. The tips shared below will excite your child, motivating him to make the maximum use of the creative writing kits. Also, to help your child transform into an exceptional writer always motivate them for discussion.


Different Types Of Creative Writing


Creative writing has several forms, incorporating different categories and flairs. Some of the most commonly used types of creative writing are the following:


  • Fiction, Such As Novels And Short Stories
  • Personal Essays
  • Biographies
  • Speeches
  • Spoken Words
  • Playwriting
  • Poetries
  • Scriptwriting


Seven Creative Writing Kits & Tools To Help Your Kid In Creative Writing


Before you start training your kid on creative writing, you must know about the writing kits and tools. For a beginner, this is as good a place to start as any. The market is flooded with exceptional writing kits.


Each of these kits is designed to serve a different creative writing skill in a child. From poetry kit to writing and word build-up, you can get it all for your little one. To begin with, some of the best creative writing kits are as follows:


  •     Illustration Book Kit


If you want your kids to write creatively, it would be best to ensure that they read lots of books of different genres. You need to ensure that your kids start by reading novels and short stories. However, you do not need to worry about taking notes and making the reading material. It would help if your kid focused on reading only.


On the other hand, there are high chances that your kid has already read a lot. The first step to writing creative content is reading. It would be best if your kid spent more time browsing used and new books, ebooks, and physical bookstores.


  •    Magnetic Poetry


Before you introduce your kids to creative writing, it would be best to teach them the rhymes. The tool operates in an interesting way. It has some words and blank spaces. These empty spaces allow the child to fill in spaces and create poetry.


This creative kit is the best way to boost creativity in your child. Besides being fun for children, it is also a relaxing and enjoyable experience for parents and teachers.


  •  WritingFix


Children can learn the best when interacting with fun learning resources. WritingFix is one of the best creative writing kits to boost the creative writing skills of a child. The kit has all the essential resources to fulfill the learning needs of K12 children.


The kit is a perfect blend of all the creative writing essentials like Writer’s Notebook Lesson Ideas, Kids’ Word Game Writing Prompts, RAFT Writing Prompts, and Digital Photo Prompts.


  •   Prezi


Many people consider writing a boring task, which it is, of course, not. For children, parents should try not to limit writing to just rigid paper and graphite sticks. Prezi is a creative writing kit that encourages the child to write and create a presentation side-by-side.


As per child psychology, if a kid is given grounds to write and create, he can do it very well. Prezi creative writing kit is just the perfect partner. In short, it can also be used as a brainstorming tool for children.


  •    StoryJumper


StoryJumper is another creative writing kit to polish your child’s creative writing skills. Before your child is all set to write complex sentences and stories, as a parent, it is your responsibility to encourage him to read several novels. Once he has read them all, discuss with him what happened in each story. Also, ask him about which was his favorite scene or character.

Next, encourage him to create a story just like his favorite one, with some variations. Ask him to add his favorite character or a small magical scene. He will surely enjoy writing and develop these amazing creative writing skills.


  • Essay Mama


Many people worry about how to let their children start writing essays, stories, and poetry. So, for parents looking for professional guidance about how to let their children start creative writing, Essay Mama has all professional tutors and writers to demonstrate the importance and benefits of teaching their children the art of creative writing.


  •  ReadWriteThink


Creative writing kits are one of the smartest inventions for kids so far. ReadWriteThink is one of the top-selling creative writing websites for kids today. It has all the elements required for your child to create amazing stories. The website has a separate student interactive section with some amazing and exceptional tools for kids. All of these tools are the most effective tools to help your child brainstorm.


Tips To Help Your Child Learn Creative Writing


 Creative writing is among some of the most exceptional skills a child can learn today. To begin with, parents must start getting all the necessary stuff and writing kits for their little ones. As per child psychology, a child is efficient in learning as soon as they turn six. However, here are some best tips in letting you get started with your child’s writing skills:


  • Reading Helps A Lot


Creative writing has a great link with extensive reading. So, all the parents doing their best to let their children learn creative writing should begin by reading books to their children. As a parent, you can choose to let your child read one book for each genre. It will help him boost his imagination and let him come up with new ideas as well.


  • Free Word Maps


Free Word Maps are a great brainstorming tool for your little ones. It helps the child in learning new words with proper spellings. However, teachers and parents can add a little more spark to this game by teaching the child about pronunciation.


  • Teach Them One Word Everyday


Learning is a gradual process that begins when the child turns six or more. As a parent, there are several things you can do to let your child develop creative writing skills. To begin with, you can start by teaching him one word every day.


Later you can teach him the meaning and proper use of the same word. It will help in improving your little one’s vocabulary for sure.


Children are fast learners and pick up things rapidly. For parents looking forward to molding their child into a remarkable creative writer must implement all or most tips mentioned in this article.




As a parent, you must realize that each child comes to writing fictional stories in their own way. However, storing the writing kits at an easily accessible spot is recommended. This is because if you place the kids writing tools and kits out of sight, they may not be used. Last but not the least, these kits must be introduced in a fun and easy manner and not forced on the kids, to keep process exciting for your kid.

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