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Clay Bead Bracelet-A Step-By-Step DIY Project For Beginners

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clay bead bracelet have always remained popular with children. Girls, especially, love wearing colorful bracelets to match their outfits. Clay bead bracelets, in particular, have recently become popular. The good thing is that you can design them according to your liking.


It is an entertaining activity to perform with kids as well. If you are looking for DIY clay bracelets ideas that you can use to engage your kids and their friends, then this article is for you.


We walk you through a step-by-step guide to making clay beads bracelets that children can wear and share with their friends. It’s also a great friendship day activity.


How To Make Clay Bead Bracelets?

Making clay bead bracelets is fairly easy. However, you should know the process to avoid making mistakes. You also must know everything beforehand to avoid starting all over again. First, you should gather the right tools and materials to craft clay bracelets.


For this, you will need to have an elastic beading cord, paints, and clay beads or clay. The tools you need to put your clay bracelets together include a beading tray, art scissors, and a large eyeing beading needle. Once you have all of these ready, let’s look at the step-by-step process to make clay bead bracelets.




The best part about clay bead bracelets is that you can customize them as you like. You can weave them in various shapes, colors, and designs. You can really get as creative as you like with this exciting DIY clay bracelets activity. So without wasting any more time, let’s take inspiration from some clay bead bracelets ideas and how to go about making them.




The first step to making clay bead bracelets is that you should gather all your materials in one place. Find a space where children can easily sit and have everything handy. Make sure you lay down newspaper or mats to protect the surface.




Next, take some clay and makes small clay balls or clay tubes. They can be any shape, and even the size is quite customizable. There is no set rule about clay bead shapes. One thing to remember is not to make the pieces too big or they will be too heavy to wear. Make sure the size of the clay balls is according to the children’s wrists.




Now, take a thin string like a pipe cleaner or anything similar and gently poke a hole through each clay bead. At this step, you want to ensure that the beads are handled effectively and don’t break down. Avoid putting too much pressure and just make a sizeable hole that can easily fit the jewelry wire later on.




Now, after you have made the clay balls and poked holes, it’s time to show some patience. You have to let the clay balls dry overnight. If you can’t wait that long, then at least give it a few hours until the clay bead bracelet are completely dry.


You can also add buttons and other small trinkets to the clay bracelets. There are many clay bracelets ideas to explore. So while the children have to wait, make them paint the buttons. You can also paint the beads in different colors once they are dry.


Final Results


When everything is dry and ready, it’s time to string it up! For this, you can take a piece of pipe cleaner, or you can take jewelry string that’s stretchable. To make sure the clay bead bracelets come out perfectly, don’t forget to measure the string.


You don’t want it hanging loose or being tight on the wrist. Also, make sure that you are present if you’re allowing children to use scissors to cut the string. Now, start arranging the beads on the try as you would want them on the bracelet. Once they’re as per your requirement and design, start stringing them into the cord. You can use a needle or use your hands to string them together.


Once you have put all the beads into the string, it’s time to check the length once again. If it’s the right length, just tie the ends together. To bind the ends together if you’re using the pipe cleaner, just twist them together. Your perfect clay bead bracelet idea has just come to life, and it is ready to wear.


How Many Clay Beads Will You Need?


Knowing how many clay beads to make is important to string the perfect bracelet together. Making too many or too few will prolong the process, and you won’t be able to complete your bracelet in one go. No one can calculate the exact number of beads required for the perfect bracelet. However, you can still roughly estimate the total beads required.


If you are making 6mm clay beads, then it can be concluded that it will take approximately 100 beads to make one bracelet. It is a good idea to make beads rather than falling short of them. Extra beads can always be used in other clay bead bracelet creations.


Are Clay Beads Waterproof?


Clay beads, for the most part, are waterproof. This is because of the ingredients used in preparing the clay. Materials like acrylic sealer and clear polyurethane make them water-resistant. Thus, children can wear their clay bead bracelets during showers or other water activities without worry.


However, all clay bracelets may not be waterproof. So, it is best to let children wear them outdoors and inside homes while avoiding wearing them during water activities.




Clay bracelets can be made in a variety of designs following some clay bead bracelets ideas inspiration. They’re best used as gifts among children and as a fun-DIY activity. It keeps children involved, and they will also learn something new.


Children can come up with their own ideas to make clay bead bracelets. There is no limit to the creativity to make these bracelets. When you’re planning the clay beads activity for kids, just make sure you get high-quality clay so that it is easy to work with.

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