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7 Great Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Writing

Encourage Your Child's Writing

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Writing is a unique form of expression, and children can start their writing journey at a very young age. The most important part is for the parents to know how important writing tactics are for children. Initially, they will begin by holding a pencil and trying to write letters and numbers. However, as they grow up, they should know writing is not only about reporting; they can be creative while writing. They should know how to capture readers’ attention and express their thoughts through words. A child’s vocabulary and sentences can be strengthened at a young age. Below are some tactics to encourage kids to write:


Write A “Convince Me!” Letter


Writing for kids can take many forms. The parent/teacher can ask the child to write something to convince them. For instance, ask the child to change your mind about a specific topic with their writing. Choose a topic you do not agree with, like, watching YouTube videos. Now ask the child to convince you of the benefits of watching those videos to change your mind. The child will have to use facts and logic to convince you. A child becomes a better writer when he knows how to change the reader’s mind or capture his attention.


Many ‘convince me’ letters will make a child expert at expressing his ideas without fear. It will add confidence to their writing. It will also strengthen their opinions and help them have their say rather than follow ideas and instructions. Even if they fail to change readers’ minds, they will get the confidence to present their thoughts and give logic. Hence, ‘Convince me’ is an effective strategy to encourage children to write.


Play A Game With Pictures


Pictures can help in story-telling. Children can get help from pictures and images while writing. This makes the writing more interesting and creative. Parents can provide pictures to children or stick them to the notebooks while asking them to describe the picture. It can be anything like a picture of a group of friends or family sitting and chit-chatting. It will allow the children to run their imaginations and develop a story. The pictures can be realistic or fantastical such as a picture of a school or some superhero. It is easy to write when pictures support it. It becomes interesting. Children’s interest is enhanced in writing because they have a notebook with colorful pictures and stories.


Play “Tell Me How”


Techniques for teaching kids to write include asking them how. Ask the child to write a step-by-step process of any activity like brushing teeth or packing a school bag etc. It is also an instructional writing style that allows a child to give directions. It is not like story-telling but asking the reader to do something, some activity, by following the steps written. While writing the steps, the child will try to be as accurate as possible, which will improve their writing.


They also feel authoritative and confident when asked to give instructions rather than follow them. It is a strong part of practicing writing skills to tell people how. Kids take an interest when they feel authoritative. It helps in their personality development as well. It is a game where children can use their unique ways of doing things. They can show off their creative side by doing routine things while feeling accomplished. Giving instructions tell them about one more writing style, which is not an essay or general statements but instructions and guidelines.


Make An “I Can” Book


The ‘I can’ book is useful for teaching kids how to write what they learn every day. It can be a notebook or some pages stapled together, one page for each newly achieved milestone. The milestones include learning to brush your teeth, make a ponytail, fill a water bottle, etc. They can keep reporting whatever new things they learn. Young kids can write, ‘I can brush my teeth. At the same time, older kids can write a few sentences about their learning process. They get motivated to write stuff since it is related to their achievements and is a kind of activity. Children like this kind of activity. It makes them busy and motivated as well as polishing their writing skills.


Play “Fortunately/Unfortunately”


Based on Remy Charlip’s classic kids’ book named ‘Fortunately,’ it is a turn-taking game. The game can be played with kids to improve their writing skills. The game is about lucky and unlucky events which are to be reported. Each sentence starts with either fortunately or unfortunately. There are players, among which the first one starts writing a sentence starting with, fortunately. For example, he writes, ‘fortunately I found a chocolate in the fridge. The paper is then passed to the next player, who has to start a sentence with ‘unfortunately.’ He may write, unfortunately, it was a rainy day, and I could not play outside. It continues till the story becomes meaningless.


Make A Journal Jar


One can also teach kids how to write by making a diary/book/journal with different ideas or answers to the questions. One can talk about things like what to do in summer or how to spend your weekend etc. It is a place where different ideas and answers are kept. The jar can be made using any wide-mouthed container, like one containing jam or chocolate spread. Now write on slips of paper and ask the child to take out a slip each day and add it to the journal by writing about it. This activity boosts creativity and polishes the writing skills of children.


Create A Family Scrapbook


Children love making scrapbooks because they are free to use photos, stickers, ticket stubs, leaves, flowers, etc. It helps save memories and polish the writing skills of children. They can stick a photo of a family member and write about them. It is kind of an introduction to their family. They can stick flowers and love stickers on their favorite family members. It also makes a child organized since they start with a date and their introduction. There can be a small essay about their family and then an introduction to each member. They can write about birthday parties, weddings, picnics, and other funny and annoying moments. It makes their essay writing and reflection stronger.




Children should start writing at an early age. However, there should be a proper strategy to make their writing effective. Writing is a skill that a child can achieve through practice and proper guidelines. Randomly writing spellings, words, and sentences might not be effective for good writing skills. Writing for kids should not be made a task but an entertaining activity. The ways discussed above can make the activity entertaining and motivating for children. Children find reading and writing boring, but the activities listed above can make writing a fun activity for them and will be useful for their future. Good writing skills will help them through life. They will keep learning more and strengthening their vocabulary.

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